How to Prepare for a Bridal Show

The Wichita Bridal Expo is this weekend! Are you engaged and going? Some say it can be overwhelming, but I think if you know what it’s going to be like going in, it’s really a lot of fun! Here are some tips that I have picked up on from past shows:

  1. Make a wedding e-mail address. And if you can, print off labels so you don’t have to write your address down 300 times. This also ensures the vendor can read it!
  2. Pre-register. Registering beforehand will save you time when you get there.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes (not heels!)
  4. Eat a light breakfast or lunch beforehand. Leave room for snacks but just know that snacks won’t fill you up!
  5. Bring someone with you! Bring your groom along to help make decisions or bring a friend or your mom! Also, tell your groom not to worry, there is a groom’s man cave with a huge TV when he needs a break 😉
  6. Collect brochures and make notes. Bring a pen and when you grab brochures or cards from a booth, make notes on those brochures about what you liked so you remember later when you dump out your bag of goodies.
  7. Enter to win! Every exhibitor is required to give away at least one prize so there will be LOTS of prizes given out!
  8. Follow up with companies you liked. A lot of companies will have bridal show specials that last through the month, so don’t wait too long!
  9. Most of all, have fun! Weddings in themselves can be overwhelming but bridal shows do actually make it a lot easier for you to see everyone in one place, and get lots of good ideas for what you want.

Be sure to stop by and say hi if you are going! The Wichita Bridal Show will be at Century II Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5. I will be holding a show special of $200 off if you book at the expo or $100 off if you book in the month of January!

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