How Many Hours Do I Need for My Wedding?

One of our most frequently asked questions: How many hours should I have photo coverage for? This is a great question!

What’s the Priority

First, decide what is most important to you that you want covered. Do you want a lot of getting ready shots prior to the ceremony? Do you want us to stay for the entire reception? These details will affect the length of time you will need us there. If you just want a few getting ready and detail shots, and just a little bit of reception you could get away with 7 hours depending on the circumstances below. If you want a lot of getting ready, detail shots, plus all your main reception events and some dancing, then 8 hours or more will be your safe bet.

Ceremony Length

Next, let’s think about the ceremony length. For a Catholic wedding, ceremonies tend to be longer, so you will need to allot more time for that. If you want us to cover you getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception, I suggest 8 hours for Catholic weddings. If you have a shorter ceremony, you won’t need to take out as much time from your schedule.

Location Transfer

Now let’s talk about location. If you have a shorter ceremony and your reception is at the same venue as your ceremony, then you won’t need as much time because you can take out travel time. With this situation, you can do with 7 hours if you want.

If your reception is at a different venue, you will need to allow time to pack up all of your things and travel to the reception. If you are going to take photos along the drive to the reception, which is popular, more time will need to be added for that as well.

Formal Photo Requirements

Consider how many is in your bridal party and family. If you have a larger family and bridal party, you may need to give that part of the timeline a little more time, and might consider 8 hours.

Send Off

Some couples like the send off covered. If this is an absolute must for you, you have two options. You can hire your photographer longer to stay until the end of the reception and make sure they get that shot. Or, you can have a send off from your ceremony to reception site if you are traveling from one place to another. That is a great way to ensure you get your shots plus all the guests are still there.

If you have any further questions about how many hours you think you’ll need, don’t hesitate to ask!

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