Mommy and Me Mini’s | Greenhouse Session

Mothers. There is nothing like them. As a child they are your protector, your guide and constant cheerleader for life. As adults, they turn into your best friend, still able to guide and support, and be there in the drop of a hat when you need.

This year I held our annual Mommy and Me mini’s in the local greenhouse Treetop Nursey again. This nursery is particularly great for photos because there are about 10 different greenhouses that you can choose from. Kiddos love to run around and see all the different flowers. So if they run off, you just run right along with them and still have a good backdrop!

Enjoy a handful of favorites from each session. I also had my mother take my own Mommy and Me photos with my kiddos after one of my sessions, so you will see those at the end as well 🙂 And be sure no matter where your mom is, here or out of state, still with you or in heaven, how much she means to you.

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