My Sister is Expecting!

How exciting is it when your little sister (or any sibling really) is expecting their first child?! You want to tell them everything you know- warn them, encourage them, shop with them, pray with them. It’s overwhelmingly wonderful! I could not be more thrilled for her and Joel, and this baby girl coming.

Manda told me she wanted big mature trees in her photos so where was more perfect than Oak Park? The weather and sunset was perfect that evening. I love that she brought a couple outfits and was even willing to get in the water at the end! Like, a photographer’s dream.

Pretty much I am obsessed with all of the photos. But maybe I’m bias 😉 Here are some favorites from the day! She is due September 9th (my daughter’s birthday!) so we will see how close baby is to that actual day! Prayers are appreciated!!

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