Shannon and Colter | Backyard Wedding

Colter’s family and I have been friends for years through church, so when I was asked to shoot Shannon and Colter’s wedding, I was ecstatic! Colton’s grandma has beautiful land out in the country, so it was decided that the wedding would be held there. And it was perfect.

It actually started to sprinkle the day of the wedding, but the only hiccup was that I couldn’t do the detail shots outside. It stopped raining just as we needed to start pictures, and held off for the rest of the day. We were so grateful!

The theme of their big day was Alice in Wonderland, with some giant tea cups, little tea party set ups in the garden, and the most beautiful vintage tea cups and saucers spread over the reception area with plants in every single one. Another unique item that caught my eye were the alternating vintage chairs at the head table. Every one was different, and I LOVED it.

Colter is HILARIOUS. Seriously. His facial expressions got us every time. And you can tell that Shannon is head over heels for him. The two of them couldn’t have been any cuter. One aspect of the wedding that we had never seen before was their version of the “bouquet toss.” Instead of the traditional toss, Shannon did a “last girl with a ribbon wins” game. Several strings were tied to the bouquet, and each girl held the end of the string surrounding Shannon in a circle. Shannon was then blindfolded, and as the music began, the girls walked around Shannon, and Shannon cut the ribbons one by one. It was so fun!

There were so many sweet moments from this wedding. I hope you enjoy just a few of my favorites from their day!

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