Mattie and David Engaged!

Would you look at this adorable couple? They look like they are straight out of vogue. This couple has been dating since high school, where they originally met in the Buckle.

“Over winter break my sophomore year, I had gone shopping at the mall with my family, ” Mattie said. “My mom kept bugging us to go into the Buckle even though none of us ever shopped there. When we started shopping around, I saw this super cute guy in the back folding clothes. As soon as we walked out, I couldn’t stop talking about him! I referred to David as “the hot guy from the Buckle”, for about a month, until I found out his name on social media. After following him for some time, I decided I would shoot my shot at getting him to talk to me. He finally got the hint, messaged me and gave me his phone number. A week later, on Valentines Day we went on our first date! On his way to pick me up, he hit two deer in his brothers brand new truck. As he was pulling the deer off the road, an elderly man and his wife stopped and talked to him. David told them where he was headed, explaining to the man it was bound to be a disaster and he was going to cancel the date. The man pointed to his wife and said “This is my wife, we have been married for 50 years, and our first date was on Valentines Day. You are going on this date.” and drove off. David called me telling me what had happened and I thought surely I was getting stood up. He told me the date was still on, but he was going to be late for our dinner reservation and for me to go ahead and get our table. So I sat in On The Border by myself for about 30 minutes until he arrived and immediately I was smitten. After dinner we went for ice cream and saw the movie Old Fashioned. Which turned out to be a love story similar to how ours has been! We ended the night and the rest is history!”

David proposed in June while they were taking a trip across the world to Koh Mak Island, Thailand. “The first few days of the trip were stormy, so the first sunny day we had we took full advantage of it,” she said. “The day of the proposal we were out riding our scooter all over the island, swimming in the pool and talking about our future. That whole day, David kept praying for the sun to stay out until sunset, and I had no idea why. After taking a long evening walk on the beach, throwing out ideas about our wedding, future house, and kids like we always do, we went back to the room and David told me we were going to watch the sunset. David got dressed in a nice outfit, so I just figured we were going to take some pictures by the ocean. I went inside and started getting ready, just taking my time. David came barging in rushing me telling me I was going to miss the sunset and to hurry up. I quickly threw on the first dress I found and ran out to meet him. His mom came down and started taking pictures of us, telling us to move to different spots. After a few, David asked her to take some by the water. As soon as he got up, I saw the ring box hidden under the tree and instantly knew. The moment I had been dreaming about forever was finally here! He walked me down to the ocean, got on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I truly could not have been more surprised and blown away with how perfectly the proposal turned out!”

Their session was beautiful, on a perfect day, held at Great Plains Nature Center. I’m so sad Mattie and David will be getting married in Destin, Florida and not here!! But I wish them the best of luck and love!

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