Megan and Phil | Hope Community Church

I have known each of these two for years! It made my heart so happy to hear they connected. Megan and Phil’s wedding took place at Hope Community Church this August.

Megan is seriously the most organized person I’ve ever met. She had this wedding down to a science. The timeline, the decor, the emergency kits– everything was set. The ceremony was held in the sanctuary, and the reception was held in the Youth room and “the cup.” Well, I never thought that youth room that we bounced balls around and were crazy in could look so transformed and beautiful. Megan had just an idea of some sort of chandelier set up for the youth room, and before they knew it, her dad made it for them no problem. I was amazed! I was also in love with the WOOD flowers they had! The bouquet and boutonnieres were all made out of wood carvings. It was amazing.

You could tell from their wedding that these two were very well loved. One of my favorite moments from the wedding was when about thirty kids or so all rallied up around Megan during the reception. These were kids that Megan had either mentored, taught or babysat in the past. It was such a sweet, telling moment. Another event that stuck out to me at their wedding was the sweet bouquet toss. Megan gave a sweet speech to all of the girls that stood out ready to catch *the* bouquet, and told them they were each special and loved by God no matter what happened or when they got married. And as she turned around ready to throw it, she untied a ribbon holding single flowers so that every girl was able to catch a flower. On each flower, there was a note that read Song of Solomon 8:4.

Megan and Phil are such a sweet pair, and Phil is so good to her. I am so happy for you both! Here are a few favorites from their big day!

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