Kittridge Dalene Birth Session | Wesley Hospital

Manda and Joel (my sister and brother in law!) worked HARD to introduce Kittridge Dalene to the world on September 12th at 10:06 am after a 26 hour labor and four hours of pushing at Wesley Hospital. Manda was so strong and patient. Joel was amazing and never left her side. The nurse said she had never seen a more supportive, loving husband.

I was there for 20 hours of the labor. It was the first birth I had ever witnessed besides my own. There was lots of pacing, rocking, multiple labor positions with the peanut ball, the most amazing calm nurse, her wonderful doctor (who was MY doctor as well), and of course her rockstar husband. Let me tell you, seeing your sister in pain is agonizing but witnessing a baby be born is the most beautiful event EVER. It just floored me how that precious human being was just inside her. I cried like a baby.

Photos of the birth are also below.

Read Manda’s personal experience with the delivery on her blog HERE.

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