Emiley Scriven | 2020 Senior

This is the lovely Emiley, of Augusta High! Emiley is a member of the high school soccer team, National Honor Society, Friends of Freshman, FCCLA, and is currently taking duel credit college classes. She has four dogs, loves spending time with my family and friends, spending time at the lake, all things Greys Anatomy, and her favorite holiday is Christmas “because it is such a happy time of the year.”

Upon her inquiry for the CW Squad, Emiley said, “I would love to join this squad because it seems like a great opportunity to meet other girls and have great pictures taken! It also seems like a really fun experience and I would love to be a part of it.”

After high school, Emiley plans to attend Butler Community College and then Wichita State to pursue a degree in nursing.

Emiley is an absolute DOLL to work with. She has nothing but nice things to say always, she was so easy to talk with, and oh yes, she is effortlessly beautiful. Enjoy some favorites!

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